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05 August 2009 @ 07:23 pm
I. What does the name say on your birth certificate?
Megan Kylie (Wont tell you my last name, sorry)

II. What is the name that all your friends call you by?
Megan, Meggles, Meg.

III. What day of the year do you blow out the candles?
October 9th

IV. Which country authorized your passport?
Don't have one yet.

V. What are your Zodiac and Chinese signs?
Libra and Monkey

VI. In terms of politics, do you sit on the right or the left?
Thee Middle

VII. Look in the mirror. The color of your hair is what?
Dark Auburn.

VIII. Look in the mirror one more time; what color are your eyes?
Hazel: Brown & Green

IX. Hop on the weighing scales!
I will never divulge this information until I lose weight.

X. Stand up straight!

Home Sweet Home

I. Who are all those other people living in your house?
Mother, Father, Dog.

II. Do you get along with mom or dad better?

III. What do your parents friends call them?
Henry & Joan

IV. Any siblings living outside the house?

V. What's the name of the place you live in currently?
Frankfort, Illinois.

VI. You love it there, dont you?
No. I want to live Downtown.

VII. If you could live absolutely anywhere on the Earth, what location would you choose?
Downtown Chicago, Los Angeles, London, or Paris.

VIII. Out of all those blood related, immediate or other, which single person would you list as your favorite?
Probably my Aunt Mireya. We have a lot of common interests.

IX. Who is one you wish you didnt share blood with?
I don't think any.

X. Overall, you like mom's side of the family more, or dad's?
My Dad's. They're really fun and open minded.

Confidentiality & Beliefs

I. What's your worst fear?
Death. Dieing before I get the chance to enjoy life. Fear of what's on the other side, I actually fear relatives dieing more than my own death.

II. Have you ever acted troubled, just to get attention?

III. Do you believe in God?

IV. Do you have a secret that you'll take to the grave with you?
No. I don't think so. I mean, I'm pretty honest with everything.

V. Have you ever told somebody you loved them, when secretly you didn't at all?

VI. (Friends, Religion, Politics, Family, Education, & Relationships) Organize the previous six in order of your personal preference in life:
Family, Friends, Politics, Religion, Relationships, Education.

VII. If you could change one thing about your physical looks, what would it be?
My weight. Definitely. I'd also enjoy a nose job, but only a good one. If people can tell it's a nose job, then I don't want it.

IX. Have you ever cried in front of someone, and felt ashamed of it?

X. Have you ever done drugs?
Nope. Don't plan on it either.

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music

I. If you had to pick, what's your favorite song of the moment?
"Never Too Late" By: Three Days Grace

II. Do you get most of your music from the internet, or from the store?
Internet Limewire

III. Even though you can download music, do you still buy cds just because of the cd-case, CD itself, booklet, or just general authenticity?
Only if it's Evanescence. Otherwise, fuck no. I can get it for free.

IV. What lone genre of music do you prefer above all?

V. What genre of music would you never be caught dead with?
None. I'm pretty open minded about music.

VI. What band/artist has impacted your life the most?
Evanescence and Imogen Heap.

VII. What band/artist makes you cringe?
Boy Like Girls or whatever the fuck they're called. Hate them.

VIII. How many music files do you have on your computer?

IX. How many are legal?
LOL Like 100.

X. What instruments can you play?
None. I'd love to play guitar though.

The Small & Silver Screens

I. What's your favorite movie?
I have tons. Children of Men, Titanic, Pride & Prejudice, etc etc.

II. Generally, what genre of movies do you jump at the oppurtunity to see? (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction)?
Science Fiction and Comedy.

III. Who is the actress/actor you most admire?
Kate Winslet.

IV. Do you cry during/after certain movies?
Independent movies make me cry. They're the only movies that do. I was watching this independent film about 9/11 & was sobbing.

V. What time of day do you prefer to see movies at (morning/noon/night).

VI. What is the TV show you never miss?

VII. What is it you like about it so much?
Everything. The drama, the romance, the comedy, the mystery, how all the plot lines somehow fit together, the constant struggle between destiny & coincidence. I can go on.

VIII. Whats the one TV show you can't stand?
Fucking Grey's Anantomy. I'm sorry, I can't stand it. That and anything disney coughHannahMontanacoughcough.

IX. Do you think you spend more time watching the television or using the computer?
The computer.

X. Do you personally think that you spend too much time watching TV?

Bon Appetite

I. Whats your favorite meal?
Shrimp Pasta.

II. How about your favorite desert?
Marsh mellow Sundae.

III. When only a kid, did you eat your vegetables?
Pfft yeah. I ate everything.

IV. Do you still eat vegetables?

V. Are you a poor, average, or excellent cook?

VI. What type of food do you prefer?
Junk food.

VII. Salt or pepper?

VIII. Ketchup or mustard?

IX. Do you prefer going out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

X. Do you eat to live or live to eat?
Eat to live, even though I eat more than I should lol.

All's Fair In Love and War

I. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?
Crush I guess. I don't know why though, he's nothing special. lol God, that sounds mean.

II. Are you in love? Or are you using them?
No, I hate when people use Love for someone that they don't even know. Or they haven't even been going out with for like 2 weeks. Get the fuck over it, you aren't in love.

III. Do you find most of the time you dislike the people that like you and vice versa?
Yes on both accounts.

IV. In terms of relationships, are you loving or manipulative?

V. Do you live to love, or would you rather love to live?
Live to love.

VI. Do you believe that sex should come before or after marriage?
Before. Anyone who thinks they're going to wait until marriage is kidding themselves, it's completely natural and normal to have sex before marriage and let's face it, we all wanna do it. I can see it from a religious stand point, and I admire that. But otherwise it's probably just some 15 year old, whose trying too hard to be different. *shrugs* I don't know, that's just my view.

VII. Do you plan to marry? If so, at what age?
Yes. Mid-too late twenties. I want to wait until I find the love of my life. I refuse to settle.

VIII. Do plan to have children, if so how many?
Yes. 3 or 4.

IX. Are your parents married or divorced?
Married since 1989.

X. Do you want to have a big, spectacular wedding with everyone you know invited, or a small, traditional get-together with family and close-friends wedding?
Somewhere in the middle.
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